Tooth Extractions

There can be various reasons why a tooth may need to be removed. Whether the reason is that it is fractured (and can't be repaired), infected, or crowded by other teeth, our downtown Toronto dental team's first concern is your ease and comfort. We easily communicate each and every step of the procedure with you for your relaxation and comfort. For those with dental anxiety, we offer many sedation dentistry options to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Despite your best efforts, teeth sometimes need to be removed to protect your health. When we've discussed all other possibilities, and you've decided on extraction, we'll take every step to help you. Your well-being always takes priority in any treatment decision. Some patients prefer sedation to help with oral surgery, and we can review these options in your treatment plan. We take every measure to make sure even minor surgical procedures are as comfortable as possible.

Some teeth are removed more easily than others, but the Museum Dental team takes pride in helping every patient get numb with modern anesthesia. Once the anesthesia takes effect, our doctors use specialized instruments to elevate the tooth out of place. You will receive specific post-op instructions to help you care for the area after your procedure.

While our immediate concern is the short-term management of your care, we will also discuss your long-term plans for replacing missing teeth. Leaving a space is always an option, but spaces in your smile can create appearance and function challenges that are important to consider. Teeth slowly shift or migrate into open spaces and minimizing the effects of an unbalanced bite now can prevent issues later in life.

Although our primary goal is to help your teeth stay healthy and functional, an extraction is sometimes the best way to preserve the overall health of your mouth. Since teeth help nourish our bodies and support our confidence, we will help you create a plan that fits your short and long-term goals.

If you require tooth extraction services, please contact our Yorkville dental team to schedule a consultation.